After a wonderful morning spent birding with Mike Doyen at White River Trace 
(I hope he'll post our finds.  To me, best birds were 5-6 Bell's Vireos) I 
spent time spraying Fescue and other undesirables in my yard.

We have several Summer Tanagers in our neighborhood (including one male 
coming to our Oriole orange, more than the oriole), so I heard this one 
tanager singing and I thought it sounded a little hoarse, and thought how 
easily confused I am by birds songs & calls, when I heard "Chip-burr"...., 
Scarlet Tanager! (Or, if you prefer, the Scarlet Piranga... or, as Edge 
says, the Black-winged Redbird.) I was able to track this lovely down for 
some excellent views.  Hope he sticks around.

Also in my neighborhood today, 2 singing Bewick's Wrens.

And... as I took the yummy-looking-nut-filled woodpecker food out (because I 
feel sorry for the nesting White-Breasted Nuthatches) there were House 
Finches on the sunflower seed feeder.  One bird was around the back and 
didn't fly right away, when I realized that I was standing about a foot from 
a Pine Siskin.  I have not been paying too much attention to my feeder.  I 
will keep an eye out for the Siskins and signs of nesting.

Great yard bird day and some fescue eliminated.

Also, currently we have about 50 Monarch larvae (all less than 1/4 inch 
long) on our purple milkweed plants.  Too cute!

Linda Frederick
Rolla, MO

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