Roger Holloway (the man in charge of rehab at the World Bird Sanctuary, WBS) is going to release a Great Horned owlette May 11 at 7PM in Tower Grove Park - he says near the original nesting tree. 

This owlette was taken to WBS around April 4 due to being grounded for too long without any signs of flight or climbing ability.  He was also looking weak/unfed even though the parents and another sibling were nearby in trees.  

Anyone interested in attending, email me and I will give you directions to this tree - if you don't already know about it. 
Roger wrote in another email, "Weather permitting, I'll bring my guitar, play a 
few bird songs,talk about them a bit and then we'll do the release."  Come out and give the little guy a great sendoff.  (We call him "April Fool" since he fell out of the tree on April 1. I saw him fall.  I'd been following his progress for weeks.)

Roger also wrote:

"Based upon your report of seeing the parents with the other sibling yesterday, I think it will work to release him Monday. I have released juvenile owls into known breeding territories before and the resident adults have adopted the new arrivals every time. As long as they appear juvenile (no developed feather tufts, downy appearance) they should not appear threatening to the adults. It is well worth trying at this point. It gets him back there sooner."

Yeah!  But still, as Roger says, "April Fool is still in the same flight enclosure and will stay there until I bring him back Monday. We have not introduced live food. With juvenile owls like this, they are still food-begging from the parents. You can do a "hard-release" with these guys since their instincts are so strong, they learn to catch prey fairly well. Still, the chances of both siblings making it past 1 year of age is slim. That's just the way it goes when you're a predator." 

Please feel free to forward this announcement.

Chris McClarren
St. Louis City
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