The Kansas Ornithological Society reports 168 species for the  
weekend, topping the ASM list by 6.  Guess we should have gone  
swimming and flushed some more ducks!

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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Posted by Chuck Otte on the KS listserve:

Following is the list of birds seen at the 2009 KOS Spring Field Trip to
southeast Kansas.  These were the species reported at the compilation  
Crawford, Cherokee and Neosho counties.  Cheryl Miller kept track of  
those seen
on the trips to Missouri and I suspect that she will post those in  
the near
future.  The Kansas list has 168 species plus "cuckoo species" - a  
fly by in
front of the car that was a cuckoo - the observers were just not sure  
if it was
Black-billed or Yellow-billed.  If anyone left early and has  
additions, please
email them to me privately and if anything is too outlandish, I will  
details!  Thanks again to the great friends in Pittsburg who  
organized this and
hosted us!

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