I'd like to thank everyone who provided advice on how and where to find Swainson's warblers. Unfortunately, when I stopped through Donaldson Point CA and Big Oak Tree SP yesterday (5/4), I didn't see or hear any of them. Access to the place Chris Barrigar recommended for Donaldson Point (right where the #3 on the MDC map is) was flooded out. Although I missed on the target bird, I did get a number of other good birds. 

At Donaldson Point, I had 10 BOBOLINKS and lots of DICKCISSELS in the field to the right of the main levee road just after you come in from Hwy AB and make the turn. Also lots of indigo buntings everywhere and some ORCHARD ORIOLES around there, too. I saw a RED-EYED VIREO and SUMMER TANAGER on the way in to Dawson's hole. At Big Oak Tree, there were a pair of MISSISSIPPI KITES that the people there think are building a nest at the end of the boardwalk and I had my FoY YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO right at the trail entrance on the south end of the lake parking lot. Also close views of a PROTHONOTARY WARBLER and heard some barred owls calling.

For those who intend to go between Big Oak Tree and Donaldson Point and have never been there before, I've got a couple notes about the travel there. Google maps claims WW goes through all the way from Hwy A. A road does, but technically it isn't WW... there's a sign warning that "MODOT maintanence ends". For that reason, I don't think WW is actually marked if you're coming from Big Oak Tree down A. You just have to turn right onto the road at 7 Islands CA (where there's a sign saying A makes a hard left). Also, CR405 is a gravel road and very easy to miss coming from WW (I meant to go counterclockwise through the park, but I ended up entering via AB. It worked out, but I was very confused for a while).

Peter Keyel
St Louis, MO

"Well now, you never did see such a terrible thing
As was seen last night on TV
Maybe if we're lucky, they will show it again
Such a terrible thing to see"
-Genesis, "Domino"


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