As you might expect, conditions at Eagle Bluffs are a bit soggy, to say the least. The Missouri River was predicted to crest at 26 feet last night; this morning it was up to 26.6 feet and rising. We received 2.5 inches of rain in McBaine last night, more is predicted for today.

That said, all is not lost regarding ASM field trips for this weekend, folks should just expect to see water! We were maintaining some respectable shorebird spots last week but the opportunity to maintain them is becoming increasingly scarce. The rain alone has increased water levels all over the area, plus we are taking large quantities from the city. We are planning to maintain pools 2 and 4 at lower levels. Pools 15 and 7 will be at higher levels than last week.

The positives to this event are that Mother Nature has provided numerous, temporary shallow water basins throughout the area. Species such pelicans, long-billed dowitchers, and many warblers are taking advantage of the conditions. Plus, folks will have the opportunity to brush-up on their frog calls too! There is an amazing chorus going on.

When it became apparent that a flood event was eminent for this weekend, I was a bit disappointed that we would not be able to maintain the hot spots for shorebirds. However, as I drive around this morning, I am becoming more optimistic and am realizing that there will be plenty to see. This is an active time of year and you are an opportunistic and adaptable group. I am confident the visitors to EBCA and surrounding sites will enjoy themselves. My only concern at this pont would be if Perche Creek comes out of it's banks and limits access to the area. This is not likely, but I will keep in touch with local ASMers to keep them updated on flood conditions.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please call or e-mail. I look forward to seeing all the binos and spotting scopes this weekend!


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