Havent been able to go birding, but after the last few days, I think I will stay home!  Since Sunday, before work and after work I have seen in the back yard.  Highlights are
Baltimore Oriole - 4
Summer Tanager - 3
Scarlet Tanager - 2
Rose Breasted Grossbeak - 4 2 male 2 female
Indigo Bunting - 2
Towhee - 3
Brown Thrasher - 1
All kinds of Warblers and all the woodpeckers
Barred Owl
Hawks - red tailed, red shouldered, coopers
Hummingbirds - 7-9 not sure how many
all in all, not a bad yard for the few hours each day
Happy Birding!
Clark Creighton
Wildwood MO (Next to Babler Park)
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