Good Evening all! 

I was so excited today to be working with Jonathan Pons today.  While we were working at Steak and Shake in Jefferson City, we saw a painted bunting.  (Thanks to Jean Leonatti for posting for us.)  This is a FIRST for me year and life!  What was cool about today is that we weren’t really looking for birds.  Jonathan was giving me a “lesson” about the mockingbirds that I was admiring.  That is when we saw a bird fly across.  I saw the bright orange color and thought I better get my binoculars.  At the same time Jonathan started to tell me to look at the indigo bunting.  When the bird landed, Jonathan got very excited and said to get the binoculars!  That was one of the most beautiful birds I have seen.  The colors were so bright and vivid.  I was quite excited to get to see it.  However, it did kind of ruin us for the rest of the work day.   After we finished our work for the day, we went to Binder Lake to do some more birding.  Here is what we saw:

Eastern Kingbird

Spotted Sandpiper

Northern Parula

Blue Gray Gnatcatcher

Indigo Bunting

Palm Warbler

Yellow Rumped Warblers

M/F Red Winged Blackbirds


Northern Harrier

Tree Swallows


I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend.

Liza Loughridge

Jefferson City, MO

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