Today was another bird filled work day.  I followed Jonathan's directions to
find the Bobolinks on Loy Martin drive.  I was there about 7:40am.  I was
able to locate the Bobolink plus a few other sparrows: Lincoln Sparrow and
Savannah Sparrow.  I was quite proud of myself with another bird.  I have
been used to Jonathan directing me in my identification of birds.  However,
I was able to identify a Dicksissel by myself.  I asked Jonathan to go back
and verify my identification.  When we did, we also saw a Grasshopper
Sparrow.  During the day, we also saw Chimney Swifts, Brown Thrasher, Harris
Sparrow, Lark Sparrow and more Lincoln Sparrows off Park De Ville Dr in
Columbia, MO.  


I am a little frustrated after reading Steve Griffgraw's post.  I took my
family to the Steak n Shake parking lot this evening around 5:15 to see the
Painted Bunting and couldn't find it.  Oh well, I guess they will see it
another day.  


Have a great evening.  Going to dream of pretty birds flying around in my


Liza Loughridge

Jefferson City

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