The Henslow's Sparrows have arrived at Shaw Nature Reserve in
Franklin Co.  At least 3-4 birds were singing along the Prairie Trail
between the 3 large trees and the observation platform.
A bonus bird was a LeConte's Sparrow in the prairie about 200
ft. to the NE of the observation platform.  The LeConte's flushed
from the side of the trail and perched on a grass stem for about
10 seconds before flying deeper into the prairie.
There was a singing Pine Warbler in the Shortleaf Pines near
the deer guard on the east road.  After searching for about 5
minutes the bird was located high in the pines on the west
side of the road.
On my way home while driving south on Hwy 109 in Eureka I
noticed a large dark bird of prey soaring west of road and just past
the fire station.  I have seen Bald Eagles (adults and imm.) in this area
in the past so I pulled off the road to check it out. To my surprise the
bird turned out to be an imm. Golden Eagle.  The bird was uniformly
dark below with the exception of a light colored area on the underwings
at the base of the outer secondaries..  The wing linings were dark - no light
colored feathers. The tail was white with a very well defined wide dark band
at the tip.  The bird circled for about 5 minutes until a Red-tail (dwarfed by
the eagle) showed up and began a serious harassment excercise. After
a short time the eagle decided to move elsewhere and slowing drifted
to the west.
Wally George
Cedar Hill, Mo.

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