Yesterday (4/14), I had a possible Bewick's Wren. What attracted me first was the unusual fairly loud consistent warble like song. It wasn't like the usual Carolina Wren song, but I figured it was a Carolina since they seem to have a wide song variation. I finely was able to find the bird and I immediately noticed that the bird underparts were much paler than the underparts of the Carolina's I normally see in the area. I then went for my binoculars. I re-found the bird fairly quickly since it was still singing. The bird was in the shade in a bush, not the best lighting, but I could see a white eyebrow, a long thin slightly decurved bill, and underparts that were light and slightly grayish. Due to its position, I never was able to get a good look at its tail, even when it flew away. The song I heard was not singing the complete Bewick's song but it seemed like the last or warble portion of its song being repeated over and over. I am going to record it as a possible Bewick's since the lighting was poor and I wasn't able to get a good look at the tail.   
Paul Habiger
Kansas City, Missouri
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