I birded Bluff Woods CA for a couple of hours this morning. Mostly I saw the regulars but did have Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, a Hermit Thrush, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, and a couple of Winter Wrens. *Full list on CACHE.

We are behind you southern folks here in the Saint Joseph area, so I am beginning to see what you have been having for a couple of weeks. I added four (4) Missouri "year birds" this morning:

YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD, (5) in a flock with Red-winged Blackbirds in the vicinity of Muskrat Lake.

BANK SWALLOW, sitting among a group of Tree Swallows on a barbed wire fence at Muskrat Lake.

CHIMNEY SWIFT, flying around for the Nelson Road pool south of Saint Joseph.

OSPREY, attempting (and failing twice) to catch a fish in the pool area by the silo on the west end of Lake Contrary. * Must have been a young bird attempting to master the art of catching lunch!

Larry Lade
Saint Joseph, MO
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