Hi MOBirders,


Patrick Harrison’s email about the mobirds.org website being switched to a new internet host provider, and as a result probably being closed for up to 72 hours, leads me to remind you to get your registration forms printed and sent in sooner rather than later for the Audubon Society of Missouri’s annual spring meeting happening May 1, 2, and 3. Go to http://www.mobirds.org/Meetings/sprmtg09.asp to read more about this weekend of birding with birding friends (and other soon to be friends) from around the state. You don’t have to be an ASM member to come. All are welcome.


Columbia Audubon Society will host this year. We’re even providing a free pot luck supper on Friday evening. We’re also working up field trips to places you’ve read about on MOBirds-L but may have yet to visit. Or, perhaps you’ve visited these sites and came away wondering how a local person would have birded that location. We’re prepared to give up “secret” info to those attending our outings.


Dr. Jim Rising, brother of Springfield birder Dr. Dean Rising and the author of THE BOOK on sparrows, is the keynote speaker at our banquet. Dr. Jim will also teach a workshop on Saturday afternoon. Even more exciting is the news that Jim will be a full weekend participant. He plans to go on field trips with all the rest of us all weekend. That means you’ll really have a chance to get acquainted and to get your own questions answered.


And if you’re too shy to ask questions of Dr. Jim there will also be the opportunity to ask questions of Missouri Bird Record Committee members who will be in attendance. I know that at least three of them will be at the ASM spring meeting, soaking up the migrants and returning nesters with all the rest of us.


Ah, I’m wiggling in anticipation. Yes, let’s go birding.



Susan Hazelwood, MOBirds-L Co-Owner

Columbia, Boone County, MO

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