This evening I arrived at BK Leach (Kings Lake) at 6:35 and I found a single Black-necked Stilt at 7:10. The stilt was in the pool south of the parked road grader and east of the big ditch. It was mid distance away. To see the bird, seek the higher ground north of the road (the levee) or walk down the graded area several hundred yards.

Many shoredbirds, mostly pecs (400+) and yellowlegs (100+; both species, 70% Lesser). I had about 25 snipe, 6 Baird's, Killdeer and 5 American Golden-Plover. 4/5 Am. Pipit. 45/50 Bufflehead. The juvenile Trumpeter Swan continues in the pool west of the northbound road past the big shed.

Good Birding
Dave Rogles
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St. Charles Co.
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