Thought this of interest.  There was heavy mortality at Aransas this  
winter.  Given odd weather, weakened birds, perhaps we should be  
watching for some, especially in the southwest and northwest corners  
of the state.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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> Date: April 8, 2009 10:17:15 PM CDT
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> Subject: whoopers on their way
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> Dear All,
>      The somewhat late migration of Aransas whoopers this year, due  
> to weather conditions and poor health of many in the population,  
> has apparently finally ended.  Tom Stehn's flight yesterday  
> indicates that about 56% of the flock has departed.
>     The question is where are all these whooping cranes right now.   
> Are many of the healthiest and strongest already in Nebraska?  Or  
> will most of them stop in Oklahoma to feed and rest before  
> continuing?  Maybe they will peak in Kansas in the next 7 days as  
> usual, or maybe they will dribble through in a more extended period  
> with no noticeable peak this year.  In such an unusual year, it's  
> hard to know what to think or predict.
>       ----Ken Kinman
>           Hays, Kansas
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