Did promise a report, on seing this in Newcastle, so here are 'the rushes'
I can't add much  at all to
save to observe that both McKellern and Stewart were impeccable and masterful and certainly engendered their own Laurel & Hardy moments, with McKellern especially playing-up to the 'gormless' role he had, with a north Lancashire provincial twang, whilst Stewart was more the benign and loving and much more articulate and resourceful friend and veven very occasionally had some Star Trek moments.
Since some major brain surgery, unfortunately  I do tend to fall asleep in darkened, warm theatres, and to my shame I did so here,much to my companion's  - and my own - shame and shindigs during the interval - she gets upset when I slump and snore and whimper ! But my excuse is that I just  CANNOT help it................
But it was a very great privilege to be able to see it all and I would commend this performance to all.