There are worse things than falling asleep...

In the early 1980's, my then 72 year old father celebrated his 
relatively successful cancer treatment with his first trip outside 
the U.S, to Ireland.  In Dublin, he went (once) to the theater.

As he related it to me on his return: It was a strange kind of play, 
with only one person, an actress, Fion... or something, laying on a 
bed, saying the dirtiest things...  We walked out...

I lost any ability to maintain filial piety at that point, and he 
wouldn't talk any more about that theater visit.

Clearly, it was Fionnuala Flanagan, and the show either "James 
Joyce's Women" or perhaps part of "Ulysses in Nighttown".

Which I would have loved to have seen, there...

At least, asleep, there's some leakage of the performance into your 
sleeping (un)consciousness...


>you fell ASLEEP?!
>okay, i understand, i have a tendency to leave movies and plays 
>early if there's no interval, as I find it VERY hard to sit still 
>for that long.
>Anyway, it looks good!  I only have to wait another 6 weeks to see 
>it, aarrghh.