Join the flock of KOS members for a great weekend of birding! You soar over tall grass prairies yielding to eastern deciduous forests, making way for a wide diversity of our feathered friends. Participants will have opportunities to wing it on over to Schermerhorn Park and Southeast Kansas Nature Center in Galena, Neosho Wildlife Area, and Prairie State Park in Missouri. Other fly-bys include the 200-acre Ford Farm, a property restored to woods and wetlands (a great place to dip your bill), and Pittsburg State University’s Natural History Reserve, 80 acres of un-reclaimed mined land (lots of nice fine grit).


Our group is open to everyone and includes beginning birders, nature photographers, county listers, and university professors. You’ll make lasting friendships, learn something new, and take lots of great memories home with you. No membership required to attend. Print a registration form today!


Look forward to seeing you!

Lisa Weeks



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