03/29/09      I am writing first about a trip to Monroe Co., IL with Jackie Chain this afternoon. It was a beautiful afternoon after such a dreary, wet, cold couple of days. Spring is still here! 
     We drove down several levees (some it turned out were "private"), but then found our way to the Levee Road, Harris Road, and the Bluff Road.  Notable on one of the private levees was a Bald Eagle nest with one young eagle head sticking out. An adult eagle was flying nearby, drawing us away from the nest.  Ducks mostly seen on pond on Harris Rd, and Bluff Rd. 
    We were looking for shorebirds( few), American pipits(NO), a merlin (maybe), and a western meadowlark( not that we could tell).
  Following are the birds we saw:    
  Canada geese
  Wood duck
  American wigeon
  Blue-winged teal
  Northern shoveler
  Green-winged teal
  Double-crested cormorant
  Great Blue Heron (many in many places)
  Great egret
  Turkey vulture (many)
  Bald eagle
  Northern harrier
  Red-tailed hawk
  American kestrel
  possible merlin (seen poorly but a falcon )
  American coot
  Greater yellowlegs
  possible lesser yellowlegs
  Wilson's snipe (7 sitting in grasses, quiet and cute)
       posting pics at jcallen.smugmug.com
  Rock pigeon
  Mourning dove
  American crow
  Fish crow
  Horned lark
  Tree swallow
  Barn swallow
  Eastern bluebird
  American robin
  European starling
  Song sparrow
  House sparrow
  Northern Cardinal
  Red-winged blackbird
  Eastern meadowlark
  Common grackle
    At home, this weekend, I had a fair number of regular yard birds plus several less usual seen in my neighborhood (cedar waxwings, yellow-rumped warblers) :
    Canada geese
    Red-tailed hawk
    Rock pigeon
    Mourning dove
    Downy woodpecker (male and female)
    Northern flicker (yellow shafted, male)
    Blue Jay
    American crow
    American robin
    Northern mockingbird
    Brown thrasher ( a pair)
    European starling
    Cedar waxwings
    Yellow-rumped warbler
    Song sparrow
    White-throated sparrow
    Dark-eyed junco
    Northern cardinals
    Common grackle
    Brown-headed cowbird
    House finch
    American goldfinch
    House sparrow
    Eurasian tree sparrow 
   Not a bad weekend with two very different habitats.   
   Jane Allen
   St. Louis County
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