This morning I spent a few minutes at the west end of TGP..  One of the owlets was surveying its domain from the front of the nesting cavity. 
At the Gaddy Garden, (it was soggy at 10am), I finally saw my first of year winter wrens (at least two) and Hermit Thrushes (again at least two).  Some other birds present were a Brown Creeper, Robins, N Cardinals, Fox Sparrows, White-throated Sparrow, DE Juncos, E Towhees..
Checked Powder Valley headquarters about 3pm.  Still at least two Pine Siskins with ever-brighter Am Goldfinch (some males now have black caps), plus the usual Downy WPs, Cardinals, Robins, Juncos and a chipmunk or two,
Jackie Chain
St Louis County
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