This morning I checked on the location where Long-eared Owls nested a few years ago. This is on private property in Livingston Co. There are several, seperate, fair sized pine groves on the area. I found broken egg shells under a tree with a nest in the grove where they previously nested. They were all white eggs the right size for LEOW. I did not see any Owls there. I climbed a tree next to the one with the nest but could not see anything in the nest. In the next pine grove I found more egg shells under another nest. One LEOW flew from a tree nearby. I could not see anything in this nest either. I believe both nests had been destroyed by a predator. I found another single LEOW in a pine grove on another part of the area where I had not seen them before. I observed several other nests there and in a couple other places but  ` 1
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