I photographed this gull at the marina at Long Branch SP (Macon Co.)
today 03/31/09 ~ 2:30 pm:
Some of my field notes: "A pale first-cycle gull from the herring gull
complex. Rounded pale head, bill smallish, all dark. Legs fleshy
colored. Wingtips light-brown in color. Undertail and rump barred. In
flight outer primaries appear to have a pale border. Inner primaries
very pale. Secondary coverts very  pale, secondaries and tertials
brown." It was VERY windy and my whole car trembled with the scope.
Please send me your comments/thoughts regarding the identity of the

Saw my FOY great egret at Swan Lake NWR. Otherwise not too birdy
because of the wind. Saw the regular assortment of ducks. Pershing SP
is flooded and the boardwalk is closed. Directly south of pershing a
flooded field produced greater and lesser yellowlegs, pectoral
sandpipers and several duck species. Fox sparrows at several

Goos birding,

Peter Kondrashov
Kirksville, MO

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