This afternoon I relocated the Eurasian Tree Sparrow at Bradford Farm  
reported by the Big Day guys last week.

The high winds had one good side:  They kept the House Sparrows near  
the buildings, especially under vehicles.  The Eurasian Tree Sparrow  
was with 17 House Sparrows working the gravel and dirt under the rear  
of a pick-up truck parked across from the front of the main  
building.  Anyone seeking this bird would do well to look for as many  
House Sparrows as possible and check under the vehicles and parked  

If going to Bradford:

1.  Work near the north end of Ben Williams Rd. may have machinery  
blocking it, so you might save a problem by entering/exiting off  

2.  A big event is planned for Bradford this coming Saturday (April 4).

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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