I received an email asking if there is a way to print a checklist  
from the CACHE/SPARKS database.

Emphatically YES!

1.  At the CACHE/SPARKS drop down menu in the banner of the ASM home  
page, click on "View Checklists"
2.  The page with alphabetical listing of all areas for which we have  
a checklist (all that have been visited) comes up.
3.  Click on the area you want
4.  The checklist for that area comes up (you can get seasonally  
annotated or plain version)
5.  Use your server "print" feature to print out the checklist  
version you want.

Note:  the checklist for an area has ONLY the species already seen/ 
reported for that area.  Any you see that are not on the list will be  
added automatically when you enter the new species in a trip report.

Good birding!

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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