First let me say a big THANKS to the prior postings about this bird.  Utilizing 
google maps, I marked an "x" for each sighting, and this was really helpful.  
Since I was driving such a long way, I was rolling the dice, but so worth it!  
What a gorgeous bird.  Definately worth a 3+hour trip.   It was VERY windy, 
getting colder by the minute, overcast but dry thank goodness.   Sighting was 
6:30 to 6:40 pm.

I turned off of US65 east onto 226. I slowly made my way to the end of 226 
and turned right (south) onto 251. (which seemed to be called 247 on my 
map).   At the intersection of 228 and 251 I saw a bird to the south, but I 
missed it (probably a small hawk of some sort).  I thought I would go on down 
228 a little further east.    

I had gone east on 228 only about 100 yards past 251 when the owl flew up 
from the south field, across the road in front of me, and roosted on a dirt pile 
in the north field.   I idled there for about 4-5 minutes.  The bird seemed to 
not like me there, and after that few a bit farther away from me, closer to 251 
where I had just come from.   

I turned the car around slowly, and viewed out my passenger window, but 
after only 30 seconds in that spot, the owl took off.  I think he was heading 
for a pole, but the wind got him and he changed his mind.  He took off across 
251, north of 228, headed in a WNW direction and I lost the bird in the trees.  

IT WAS GREAT!!!!  Again, thanks to everybody who has posted their 
sightings.  I hope I can pay that forward one day!   I got a few pictures, not 
the greatest, but good enough!

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