A few birds seen along Hwy 79, St. Charles co to Linc. co.

Firma Road, St. Charles co
- Road is flooded well before Dalbow Road. LOT more flooding from when Dave 
went there on Friday.
Had several AMERICAN PIPITS on the road and in the non-flooded edges of the 
fields where one has to turn around due the flooding.
Also had several RUSTY BLACKBIRDS in the flooded woods on the way there.

Keeteman Road - Linc. co.
You can get to "Tom Bormann field" for now (but probably not for long as it 
was flooding from the back - No plovers seen),
The section on the River side (back loop of Keeteman) is under water.
Heard pipits on the section of Keeteman that goes straight past the sod 
Lots of ducks, mostly Bl-wgd & Gr-wgd Teal, Shovelers, Gadwall.
On the northern section of Keeteman just before the flooded areas, Jim 
counted at least 62 deer out in a field that was not yet spooked back into 
the woods by us. Probably number was closer to 100.......Neither of us have 
seen a "gang of deer" this big while out birding.

These areas above will be good for shorebirding in the upcoming days/weeks 
(if you can access the area)

B.K Leach CA
King's Lake
It's dry for now, but don't know for how long.
Shorebird numbers are probably over a thousand. LOTS of birds to pick 
through. D&T would have better idea as to the break down of species and 
numbers as they spent time walking the levee to try to fine the Dowitcher.
This pool was located before the large ditch on the road that goes to the 
old waterfowl headquarters.

~ 18 Turkeys out in the field by Foley (Propane Tank Business)

ALSO.....Dave and Tom said they had a Nighthawk vocalizing early this 
morning when they were meeting to go birding.
Good goin' guys on this extra early find........;-)

Charlene & Jim Malone
St. Louis co.

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