The 12 participants on the Columbia Audubon field trip birded  
Danville CA, Loutre Lick Access, and after lunch did a 1-hour loop  
through Whetstone Creek CA with horse and dog trials in progress.

The adult Northern Shrike is still on the winter territory it has  
preferred for the last two winters; seen first on the east side of  
the road, then on the west side, just south of the turn off to Windy  
Lake. The sparrow population is down there, partly because of season,  
partly because of habitat changes.  One Lincoln's was seen before it  
dove into deep cover.

18 Fox Sparrows were seen at Danville, and a smattering (very small  
numbers) of other sparrows; 99 Juncos.
Eastern Phoebes are on territory, trying to figure out where to build  
a nest on the new style outhouses.
4 Eastern Towhees were seen on the east side of the area.

Loutre Lick Access has been birdier, but we turned up 11 species,  
including Pileated Woodpecker.

Full lists on CACHE later.

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