I saw the Snowy Owl on rd 226 again this morning around 9:30. It was on the same pole as last evening. Soon after I started watching it the wind increased so much it was rocking my vehicle. The Owl stayed on the pole for a few minutes trying to keep it's balance as the wind was really knocking it around. She then gave up and flew a little way south and landed in the cornstubble. When I went by a couple hours later it had moved farther away and was sitting on top of a terrace in the cornfield about 300 yards from the road. It was right next to a white pipe. This field has a number of large terraces across it and could easily hide the Owl if it was behind one. This may be where it disappears to when out of sight from the road?
 Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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