This Owl appears to be using two different areas to hunt in. Doris Fitchett and a friend watched it for an hour until almost dark last evening. This was back on 226 near the old barn where it had apparently flew to after Annette saw it. Doris said during that time they watched it catch and eat 3 Voles.
 I went out shortly after 7a.m. this morning thinking it would probably still be in that area and maybe watch it hunting. It took about half an hour before I found it sitting on the ground in the middle of a soybean field. This was just East of jct of rds 228 and 251. This is two miles SE of where it was at dark last night!  I had not read Annette's post yet when I left this morning, so really wasn't expecting it to be that far away. I even had to wonder if there might be two Owls? I drove back down 226 on the way back but didn't see any there so think she is just using both areas.  
 To get to the second area continue East on 226 and cross the RR tracks - carefully no signals there - turn right and go South on 251 to 228.
Later, Steve
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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