Out and about today in the southern portion of the bootheel.
At Chalk Bluff Trail Access, a calling Greater Yellowlegs was heard from a semi-flooded field with many Green-winged Teal and N. Shovelers.
At Ben Cash (Ben) Memorial CA, two dark objects in the sky caught my attention, one was a soaring Harrier the other soaring with pointed wings was a Peregrine Falcon. Both were riding the South winds North.
At my last stop of the day, Twin Borrow Pits CA, a buzzy chirping caught my attention out over the water then overhead as the Tree Swallows switched pools.
It was another windy day where the winds seriously impared my hearing (if even there were soft calling birds).
Good Spring Birding to all!

Chris Barrigar

Bootheel Report

Stoddard Co.
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