Today's visit to Dexter City Lake was a bit more interesting than most, in that there were about 38 Cedar Waxwings that were rising from and returning to the treetops around the lake. There seemed to be anywhere from 3-10 birds in many of the trees.


In my feeble mind, I thought that they were just having fun in the wind when until I had one in the scope (trying to digiscope it), I saw an insect fly near the bird. It was at this point the bird leapt after the insect hurling itself into the wind, riding on the currents momentarily and returning to a different branch in the tree. Although the Waxwings lacked the graceful aerial acrobatics of Empids, they did appear to very much be enjoying themselves!


I hope you don't mind me sharing, as this was something I had not previously observed.


Also, flying high and straight overhead were several Turkey Vultures and RT Hawks - due North. Spring is on its way!


Good Birding!

Chris Barrigar


Bloomfield, MO.

Stoddard Co.

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