Flying into St. Louis, back from a business trip to Pennsylvania, I took the opportunity to look around a bit there in the St. Louis area. Windy was an understatement. I think I've experienced less wind in Chicago and SW Michigan than I did today! Hearing was seriously hampered, as was also bin and scope viewing.
Not really sure where to go, I took out my conservation atlas and began meandering around the city (mostly the northern parts). Of course, I went to Columbia Bottom CA where I had the pleasure of observing a Harlan's (dark morph) Redtail Hawk over pool #3 at around noon. Can't recall if there had been one seen here before or not. With the wind as it was, I decided against Riverlands, becuase a major headache was already forming from trying to look through shaky bins.
Earlier in the day, I kicked up a Woodcock at Wild Cherry Ridge CA, located behind the Hudson Park Archery Range. That might be a good spot to listen for the Timberdoodle on a calm evening. I would suspect it uses the open field of the archery range as its display area.
Shortly afterward, I visited Veteran's Memorial Park Lake where I was surprised to find a lone Lesser Scaup in one of the ponds and in another pond, five Wilson's Snipes took wing belching their call in alarm. If someone is in with the MDC, please forward along that they have a breeched levee along the large drain pipe. Thanks!
I pretty much rounded the day with a second attempt for the Northern Shrike at Weldon Springs. Bingo! Monday, when I visited, I had walked the "lower field" keeping the early morning sun at my back, being sure to keep a good distance from the bush row. Today, I walked in the upper field which seemed to bring the shrike up and out in the open. Thanks Josh for posting it was in fact, still present! Although I didn't get to watch it impale and tear away at a victim, it was very exciting to see it. It is a new state bird for me!
Good Birding to all!

Chris Barrigar
St. Louis/St. Charles Co.

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