Greetings from York, PA.


While burning some time before my flight out of St. Louis this morning, I visited Busch CA. Near the visitor center, I heard a chickadee that was reminiscent of my days in Michigan. I saw the bird although briefly, but everything seemed to fit Black-capped Chickadee. The call, "hey fee-bay" or "Hey Sweetie" . . . not the Carolina's call of, "Hey sweetie hey" was what I heard.


I remember last year when visiting during one of the ASM outings someone saying that the St. Louis area has chickadees that can vocalize either species' call.


I feel fairly confident that this was a BCCH.


I also struck out on the Blue Grosbeak Trail for the Northern Shrike, but by that time, I needed to be getting to the airport. If someone happens to see it again before Wednesday please post.


Thanks and good birding!

Chris Barrigar
Stoddard Co.
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