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Coverage:  Missouri Statewide
Compiler:  Joshua Uffman
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Compiled:  06 March 2009

This is the Friday, March 06, 2009 Missouri Rare Bird Alert, a statewide service of the Audubon Society of Missouri, serving the birding community of Missouri since 1901. The bird alert is compiled from reports submitted by ASM members and other birders throughout the state.

** NOTE: The report includes birds that are listed as rare, casual, or accidental on the August 2008 Annotated Checklist of Missouri Birds.  Species that appear in ALL CAPS in the "Species Mentioned" section are listed as "casual" or "accidental" and thus require documentation. (Note that some birds may be considered rare only during a particular season or in a particular part of the state.) The Missouri checklist can be accessed at: **


An immature BROWN PELICAN has been present at Lake of the Ozarks since at least February 18.  Joe Eades observed this bird in flight near Big Island Resort from Big Island Road (Camden County) on Saturday, February 28.  This bird was last observed on Thursday, March 5, flying south over the lake on the west side of Big Island Road by Peter Kondrashov from the narrow neck between the mainland and the "island".  To reach the location take Hwy 54 west to Hwy AA, follow Hwy AA north to the end at Big Island Road.  

Andy Forbes reported thirty-three SANDHILL CRANES flew over and then landed in a private field north of Taberville Prairie CA (St. Clair Co.) on the south side of Hwy B, about 1 mile east of its' intersection with Hwy H on Wednesday, March 4.  


The GREATER ROADRUNNER which has been sporadically seen in Jefferson City (Cole Co.) since at least mid-January, was observed again on Thursday, March 5, by Peter Kondrashov just north of the intersection of Hwy C and Country Club Road, along Country Club Road.


On Tuesday, January 20, Larry Lade reported that three RED CROSSBILLS visited his yard (Buchanan Co.).  These birds were last seen on Wednesday, March 4.  Those wishing to see if the birds are still around are welcomed and do not need to call.  Larry lives at the two and a half story home on the corner of 29th Street & Sacramento.  The "two-barrel setup" feeders can be viewed from 29th Street, which runs just beside his home/backyard.

Ruth Simmons has had as many as three female COMMON REDPOLLS visiting her yard’s feeders since January 14, in Lee’s Summit (Jackson Co.).  At least one bird was still present on Monday, March 2.  Those wishing to see these birds can give Ruth a call at 816-678-1217, and she will relay the directions for you.  


The NORTHERN SHRIKE found by Joe Eades on December 29 along the Weldon Springs Trail (referred to by local birders as the "Blue Grosbeak Trail") at Weldon Springs CA (St. Charles Co.) was still present on Thursday, March 5.  The following is a map to the “Blue Grosbeak Trail”: from the parking lot, walk a short distance up the trail to where a hedgerow of multiflora rose is growing on the left side, perpendicular to the road, the NORTHERN SHRIKE has been observed hunting and perching along this hedgerow.  If the bird is not there go back to the parking lot and follow the trail from the east end.   At the fork, bear right and continue to the top of the hill.  At this point if you look up the road in front of you, there are two large cedar trees on the right side of the road with deciduous trees growing out of them.  The NORTHERN SHRIKE has also been observed at this location.  

A WHITE-WINGED SCOTER was still present as of Sunday, March 1, in Ellis Bay at Riverlands M.B.S. (St. Charles Co.).  

The GRAY CATBIRD, first reported by Clark Creighton on January 9 at the south end of Lake 6 at Busch CA (St. Charles Co.) was still present as of Sunday, March 1.

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Joshua Uffman
MO Rare Bird Alert Compiler
St. Louis County, MO
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