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Hello Missouri Birders,

The final days of the winter season compiling has passed.  With that said,
please send JOE EADES, your Winter Seasonal Reports by March 10, at
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Your winter seasonal report should include any significant sightings from
the winter season (December 1, 2008 - February 28, 2009). 

Examples of "significant sightings" include:

-- any species listed as "rare", "casual", or "accidental" on the Annotated
Checklist of Missouri Birds < >

-- late fall departure or early spring arrival dates

-- high counts or unusually low counts (also include a note if a species
usually present in your area during
this period appeared to be completely absent or unusually abundant).

Information regarding the weather events in your area will also help Joe

PREFERRED FORMAT -- An Excel document with the following data: 
1)  Species (sorted in checklist order, please)
2)  Number observed
3)  Date
4)  Location (include COUNTY)
5)  Reason sighting is being included
5)  Any additional notes (such as age/sex, notes about how you arrived at a
particularly difficult identification, and whether you submitted
documentation for casual or accidental species) 

If you need an example, please let me know (Josh) and I will send one your

PHOTOS -- Submission of photos showing your significant sightings through
the season is encouraged. High-resolution images can be e-mailed to Joe.

The data you provide is used to produce the regional report published in the
American Birding Association's
"journal of record for birders," North American Birds; and a summary of
sightings is also published in the ASM's quarterly publication, The

PLEASE REMEMBER -- Your sightings must be submitted directly to Joe in order
to be considered for inclusion
in the final seasonal report.  Sightings posted only to MOBIRDS-L will not
be included in the report.

Please send your sightings to Joe at [log in to unmask] by March

Joshua Uffman,  Secretary to Joe Eades

Joshua Uffman
St. Louis County, MO
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