To all Mobirds-L readers:

First, a resounding thanks to everyone who has already submitted  
documentation to the Missouri Bird Records Committee via the on-line  
system.  It seems to be working well and not at all difficult to  
use.  Most of you must have made the transition just fine, as I now  
receive relatively few documentations by regular mail or email.  I'd  
like to make just a few points about the system:

1)  To everyone who may need to document something but is feeling  
unsure about doing it on line, I have a mixed message:  I would  
really like you to give it a try because it saves me considerable  
trouble if you do it on line!  (All docs need to be available for  
Committee members to view on line; therefore, If you mail me a doc, I  
have to scan it and then upload it myself into a "dummy" doc form  
that Patrick Harrison has created for me.)  On the other hand, I  
don't want anything to go undocumented, and I am quite willing to  
help out by handling it myself at this end, if the system causes you  
trouble and you would prefer to continue sending me things.

2)  I must remind everyone that you can easily upload your own  
photographs into your docs.  There are two requirements:  they have  
to be in jpg (jpeg) format, and they have to be no more than 768 kB  
in size.  If you mail the photos to me as prints, I have to go  
through similar steps to put them up on line by scanning them first.   
If you email them to me as jpgs, then I will gladly upload them for  
you (but you could have done it too).

3)  The one issue with jpg images that does cause trouble is when the  
file size is too large.  In that case, I have to use a "resizer" tool  
(again, thanks to Patrick) to get them down below the kB limit so I  
can upload them for you.  In this case, my request is obvious:  if  
you are going to forward the images to me for uploading, please check  
the size, and then resize them yourself first if necessary.

4)  My standard offer:  If you are at all uncertain whether to  
document a particular record, please contact me at this email  
address.  In some cases the answer is cut and dried; other times I  
have to make a judgment call.  Occasionally I will ask other  
committee members what they think before giving you the word.  You  
should always start by looking at the on-line Annotated Checklist at, but that sometimes does leave questions open, so  
please feel free to ask.

Finally, I want to thank Patrick again publicly for his many long  
hours of work in getting this system running, and his patience in  
fielding my (usually clueless) questions and working the bugs out for  

Best to all,

Bill Rowe
Secretary, MBRC
St. Louis
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