This evening I decided to check on a CRP field North of town where I have seen Short-eared Owls the last couple of years. On the way I drove down rd 226 and saw the Snowy Owl sitting on a utilty pole about half a mile East of Hwy 65. This was about 6p.m.and is just West of where I had seen it previously. I had not found it the last 2 or 3 times I had looked. This Owl has been hit or miss before for many people. Like the one at Breckenridge it appears to be an adult female. Unlike that one it is pretty skittish and will fly off if you approach and stop too close. It is must still be finding plenty to eat in that area though.
What a year - three different Snowy owls seen in Winter and now one of them for the Spring period!
 I went on up to rd 214 and finally saw one Short-eared Owl appear at 6:20. Just before I left I heard a Woodcock peent. From there I drove west of town back to the Thompson River Wetland. I heard several Woodcock peeting and twittering in the grassy area just West across blacktop Y from the dirt/mud entrance road into the wetland. This is 1.5 mile North of junction of Y and hwy 190.
Nice Evening Birding!
Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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