I checked for the Snowy Owls one more time this morning. No big White Owl along M or areas where it was previously seen near Breckenridge. Talked to a guy who was feeding the cattle on both sides of M. He said the Owl had been seen last south of hwy 36 on the first gravel road to to left [east] I searched that road - Wolf Grove - cool name and some good habitat - pastures and hayfields - but did not see the Owl. Might be worth checking that area again? I drove some of the other roads in that area, as well as west of Breckenridge, but no luck.
  Later before I went to work I drove rd 226 north of town to check for the other owl but did not see it either. I called the local MDC office this afternoon to see if anyone has reported seeing the Owls the last few days. They have not. So it looks like they have probably moved on. Hope they have a safe journey back north.
Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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