I did not see the Breckenridge Snowy Owl today either. I did see lots of other raptors around that area today as I passed through going and coming from Pony Express CA, Dekalb Co. I had gone to Pony Express to do some X-C Sking this a.m. since we didn't get the snow here. Didn't see anything unusual there, did have a Sharp-shinnned Hawk fly by pretty close. Waves of Snow Geese going overhead.
 Saw several Harriers and Redtails including one of the very white Krider's type around the Sandstone and B hwy area. No SEOWs out in the daytime though - guess not enough snow/ice on the ground.
 Stopped on the way back on hwy 36 a couple miles west of Breckenridge to check out an interaction between several Hawks. Saw a Harrier and 4 Redtails mixing it up. One was a black Harlan's type. I walked up the steep bank from the hwy to get a better look. I could see a large nest not far away, so probably the resident pair trying to drive out some interlopers and the Harrier just had to get in on it. Drove up Catawba rd on the west side of that field, the hawks had seperated by then, but could see more up ahead. More Redtails all along that road - must have been 10 in the next mile! While watching them a very nice local man pulled up to see what I was doing. He had been seeing them too and had watched the "Ground Owls" [SEOW] that fly different, and knew they were catching small rodents. He knew of course about the Snowy Owl too.
 Drove down the next rd east back to 36 and saw 16 Eurasion-collared Doves on the wires next to some Grain Bins. That is most I have ever seen out in the country. Many Kestrals all along the route today too.
Myrna Carlton saw 3 Rough-legged Hawks in the "high plains" area of NW Livingston Co. near Poosey CA yesterday. She also reported large numbers of Robins in the Poosey area.
Later, Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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