Thanks to everyone who originally posted directions to MoBirds and those who emailed a response to my RFI.


I saw the Breckenridge Snowy Owl today - thanks to Susan and Jane (hope I got those names correct.)  They were able to locate the owl within a few minutes of pulling into Breckenridge!  I may have missed it completely without them.  


As a thank-you to them, I mis-called a immature Red-tail as a Rough-legged and kept saying I was seeing Harlans' when, in retrospect, I think they may have been more likely to be dark morph Rough-leggeds.  Ah the joys of those raptors!  Sorry ladies.  :)


I was not able to locate the Chillicothe Snowy Owl but it was a great raptor day regardless.


Heather Clenin

Jackson County

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