Paul Bauer and I did a sweep thru a bunch of areas Monday. While watching
the geese next to the road in Teal Pond two Snows landed in front of us.
Upon closer look one was a Ross's Goose.

On the way to Two Rivers we spotted a rather dark Red-tailed Hawk just past
Piasa Creek. Turned around and from the back view could see the reddish tail.

Crossed the ferry and found Two Rivers iced up. All we saw were lots of
Pelicans and Snows way out in river.  A quick jaunt down Bend Road produced
nothing interesting. On way to Baldwin stopped by Peabody for the
Short-ears. We arrived at 3:45 and noticed the sign that the gate will close
at 4:00. UGH!  Did see one Loggerhead Shrike on quick drive in and out. At
Baldwin there were many Snows on the far shore and couple mixed in near. Not
much else.

Days photos here

Al Smith
Bridgeton, St. Louis County (admin)

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