Some highlights of birds seen at Eagle Bluffs from late morning until  
mid afternoon include these:

At pool 2  there were 23 Trumpeter Swans and one Tundra,  Killdeer  
and a pair of Am. Wigeon.  Workers were putting in posts for a gate  
at the lower end of the gravel road past the blind.

At pool 4 there were 125 Green-winged Teal, Gadwall, N. Shovelers and  
one N. Pintail.

In the distribution channel below the pump house 2 American White  
Pelicans were seen. Nearby was a large flock of Snow Geese.  There  
was a large increase  today in the numbers of Ring-billed Gulls. At  
one place there were 50 on the ground and others in flight.

Also at Eagle Bluffs were 2 Lesser Scaup and 5 Am. Coot.  At pool 15  
I counted  7 snipe and a pair of Blue-winged Teal.

Bill Goodge
Columbia, Boone Co.

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