The Thursday WGNSS group started at Weldon Springs Blue Grosbeak trail and were rewarded by seeing the N Shrike sitting on a branch in the treeline with the sky for a background.  We scoped it from the trail and all 8 got 60 power views in good light.  Richard Coles and Dan Curran saw a small Sharp-shinned Hawk from the top of the hill on the left branch after it splits.
No Pine Warbler or Barred Owl or Bob-white Quail or Red-breasted Nuthatches at BG Trail or at Busch and the meadowlarks we saw and heard at Katy Trail were only singing Eastern.  Otherwise, Bald Eagles, Red-shouldered and Red-tailed Hawks, Yellow-rumped Warbler, flyover Snow Geese, Canada Geese many paired up, a few Ring-billed Gulls, ducks were mostly Mallards and Gadwall, a few GW Teal seen by some, a few sparrows including Song, American Tree and White-throateds, ranks of Turkey Vultures riding the thermals over the ridges, White-breasted Nuthatches, Am Goldfinch, Carolina Wrens singing, N Cardinals, Blue Jays, Am Crows.  We didn't see or hear any phoebes or other early arrivals (lunch at archery). But a satisfying two days for those who made it to see and hear the Woodcocks Wednesday evening as well.
Jackie Chain
St Louis County
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