Yesterday morning I ran up to look for the Snowy Owl North of town. It was sitting on the same utilty pole on saw it on a week ago - 3/4 of a mile east of hwy 65 on rd 226. I don't know where it goes when it is not visible at other times. 
This morning I went over to see the one at Breckenridge.  I  got there around 8:30 and it was sitting on top of the pipe on the propane tank where it has been reported previously. When I stopped back at 9:30 it was still there.
I made a quick run in between over west to B hwy. I went north first and saw a Rough-legged Hawk hovering over field on the west side. saw Northern harrier and Red-tailed Hawks in this area also. Went south on B to Sandstone but didn't see much there today. Some good looking places for Short-eared Owls in that area though. If we get a couple inches of Snow they are predicting is possible, SEOW could be out in the daytime next couple days.
Some big flocks of Snow Geese dropping into the cornfields along 36 on both sides of Breckenridge. An adult Bald Eaglewas flying towards one flock.
Later, Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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