Sorry for the late post. I didn't have time to write an email until now. Anyway I birded Busch CA, Blue Grosbeak Trail, part of Marais Temp Clair, and Riverlands. It doesn't look like Marais Temp Clair is what it used to be. I noticed a plenty of habitats in that conservation area for sparrows but the only birds I saw there were an American Kestrel, a lone female cardinal, a Red-tailed Hawk, and two Bald Eagles, one adult and one immature. My quest for the Northern Shrike at Blue Grosbeak Trail failed for the fourth time and it was between noon and 12:30 pm. I did see a mockingbird there. 
Busch CA and Riverlands were very productive but I did not see anything unusual or exciting. I observed six species of ducks ( 4 at Hampton Lake - Northern Shoveler, Mallard, Gadwall, and Ring-necked Ducks plus American Coots, a lone male Bufflehead at Lake 6, and Ruddy Ducks at Lake 33) at Busch CA and 13 species of ducks including all three species of mergansers and both species of scaups at Riverlands. Bald Eagles were still plentiful at Riverlands and some more at Harbor Point. Also saw some Killdeers at Riverlands. The only gulls I found there were Ring-billed and Herring and no interesting gulls. I carefully scanned all the gulls but did not check out the dam. I looked at all immature gulls but most of them were herring and some Ring-billed. I had a total of 43 species for the day.
I'm planning a trip to Breckenridge to see the Snowy Owl and later on to Bradford Farm for Short-eared Owls this Saturday.
Good birding,
Jim Hickner
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