Recently spent 15 days hiking,camping and birding in various parts of Ecuador(mainly the central Andes and the "Choco" lowlands along the Ecuadorian/Colombian border)
  Between myself and 3 friends from Alaska who I went down there with we had over 700 species
 Anyone  interested in birding info and details would be more than happy to mail info about what birds I saw and where I saw them
  Have a good site for some extremely rare birds like Tanager-finch(known from only about 3 ridges in Ecuador)  Plushcap as well as a good spot for Moss- backed tanager and Club-winged manakin near Milpe.
 Would also like to also give a brief mention about birding in Colombia.Yes,some regions of Colombia are still definitely off limits but alot is VERY birdable! Ecuador has alot of birds,Colombia has more.There is some incredible birding to be had very close to some of the bigger cities.
 The Humedales marshes and Laguna de Pedrapalo very close to Bogata, have lots of endemic species that are fairly easy to get  just a short and very safe drive from the City
 Alot of birders(and travelers in general) harbor alot of fears and misconceptions about Colombia. Many if not most,  unwarranted.Its a birders dream.A place where without a doubt, there  are still new species of birds waiting to be discovered and named 
 Another quick note if anyone is plaining a birding trip to Central or South America.If you can speak a little spanish its amazing how many more birds you will find.For the most part locals are extremely stoked to help out and even more helpful when the "norte" can converse in spanish.Even broken espanol can go a long way.Dont know how many times we would strike up a conversation with a farmer or landowner and point to a bird in our field guides and be given info about where to find them.Its amazing how much detailed info many farmers have of the wildlife that resides in their home areas
Mike Brady
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