I lived in the apartments at the base of the hill where the TV roost is for 3 1/2 years.  Hinkson Creek meanders around the complex and opposite the creek is a bluff.  I moved there in Jan 04, at which time there were a few I noticed and thought strange since they weren't supposed to winter that far north.  Over the next 3 winters I lived there the roost grew.  They roost in the trees atop the cliff.  In fact, I got my FOY TV right there again in Jan.  I have never spotted a BV in the mix.  I now live in Liberty (north of K.C.) and have never found a wintering TV in this area.
Jennifer Reidy
Liberty, Clay County

> Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 19:32:21 -0600
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> Subject: Columbia TV's
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> Mr. March and Columbia birders -
> Are there any Black Vultures in among the TV's there at
> Stadium Blvd. and Rock Quarry Rd.?
> Are they roosting in trees or cliffs or both?
> Is there a large body of water right beside them?
> Good birding, Larry H. Joplin, Jasper County, MO.
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