Paul Bauer and I watched for the Roadrunner from about 11:00 til 2:00
yesterday and it was a no show.  It was overcast and a slight drizzle, but
the sun came out as we arrived which should have drawn out the lizzie food.

Found this on GoogleMaps. It shows the rock outcroppings and cedars.,-92.283965&panoid=Gvn94nzZtt_XgF2VFrsw8g&cbp=12,248.04580807990072,,0,-0.23389038623042469&ll=38.542741,-92.283961&spn=0,359.999088&z=20
Grab the photo with the mouse and spin it around.

There is a very high curve on both sides and no where to pull over. There is
a center turn lane and we found if against the curve towards of start of the
turn lane there is plenty of room to not destruct traffic. Some fly around
the corner off the hwy and if this far up road there's no shock of someone
in their lane.  The only other place to view from car is on the shoulder
east of the intersection on C.

Click the X at upper right and zoom out and you'll have a very good road map
for location.

Al Smith
Bridgeton, St. Louis County (admin)

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