Hello all,

It has been quite some time since I was on the list, probably 4-5 years.  The changes 
abound! I must say the list is much improved and very professional!  My compliments to 
the chef.

From my subject line, I hope you can tell that I am now interested in Raptors along the 
Highway 50 corridor from Lee's Summit to Sedalia. I am currently working on my 
Master's Thesis at the Univ. of Central MO, under Dr. Kurt Dean.  My underlying theme is 
more or less to gather information about what species are here, and when. 

I will sample four times each season for the next two years...something that seems 
unheard of at UCMO.  Not knocking UCM, but most Grad students sample for one year.  I 
am hoping to capture some rare(r) visitors/migrants by going two years, as well as see 
some fluctuation regarding time and use of areas by the others.  I will vary time of day, 
and reverse-route each time I sample. I will have dedicated point-count stops as well as 
a driving survey (b/w points, and on way to city...son plays soccer in the city, so we 
travel every weekend from Warrensburg).

What would be helpful from such an experienced lot as this is, would be sightings of said 
Raptors and location. This way, I can make a dash if need be to try and encounter said 
species.  This type of sampling is built into my methods, too which allows for variability 
of time and route, for a more encompassing sample frame.

Thank you all in advance, and good birding to all. 

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