Quick post......... sorta'

Hwy 79 to Winfield
Nothing new birdwise.
New place to get GOOD coffee and eat authentic Irish food. (stews, soups and 
Erin's at Winfield. (owners are from Ireland)
More on that later.

St. Chas co.
Had some Rusties along Hwy B near HAYford road (not Hereford, 
sorry........Tom made me write Hereford)

Riverlands MBS, St. Chas. co. (end of day)
LAUGHING GULL - in breeding plumage in the gull roost on a mudflat in Ellis 
Bay (MO bird). See Bill's pics
Was looking for the scoters and did not look thoroughly through the gull 
roost. Ran out of time/light.
COMMON LOON - out from the "burnt out restrooms" parking lot
NO Black Scoter for us.
Finally saw the WHITE-WINGED SCOTER in the River Channel near the end of 
Ellis Island (IL bird)
Absolutely NO swans anywhere. Same thing on Friday. Guess they have ALL 
taken off......??
Lot more R-B mergs while Common Goldeneye and Canvasback numbers are down.
Lot of eagles today still.
GIANT eagle at the Museum.......Hot air balloon in the shape of a Bald Eagle 
that they had tethered for the
Live Raptor Shindig going on at the MP Dam. Still there on Sunday and maybe 

NO longspurs, no snow buntings, Horned Larks are all paired up.
Have to look farther north for longspurs.
We had a few longspurs last weekend at Clar. Can. NWR and BK Leach, but 
don't know about this weekend.
We knew the flight call so IDed them from that, otherwise would not have 
seen them.

Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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