Peter (and any other interested parties)--

I know of two good spots.  The most reliable is Big Creek CA in central 
Adair Co. about 3 miles outside of Kirksville. Take La Harpe south to 
Rainbow Basin Rd, follow it until it ends (it's windy) and park at the 
Big Creek CA lot.  Walk down the mowed trail at the end of the lot (not 
the forested trail, the Thousand Hills Trail) that passes by the 
shooting range and go a few hundred yards (not quite all the way into 
the creek bottoms). There are almost always a few birds here.

More hit and miss is the area around the Union Ridge marsh in NW Adair 
Co.  If It's pretty dry, the birds will display in the grassy clearing 
around the marsh in good numbers.  I had a ton of birds here one time 
and only a few on another occasion.  Kind of hit and miss I think, but 
when it was a "hit" it was quite a show. I'd suggest going to the MDC's 
website and looking up directions if someone hasn't been here (the 
marsh is in the middle of the area, the name of the road escapes me).

Phil Wire
Kirksville MO/Bamberg, Germany
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Peter Kondrashov wrote:

>Does anybody know any good locations for woodcocks in NE Missouri
>(e.g. Adair, Macon, Knox or Schuyler Co.)? I had my good spots in
>Nodaway Co., but sort of clueless here.
>Thanks in advance,
>Peter Kondrashov
>Kirksville, MO
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Phil Wire
Truman State University

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